Field Trip Praise for Lost River

As you may or may not know, school groups from all over the state and surrounding areas visit Lost River Cave & Valley each year to take field trips and participate in our acclaimed educational programs.

Here are some very kind words that we received this week from a teacher at Gene Brown Elementary School, Patricia Rodgers.

“We had an awesome experience today at Lost River Cave! Becky A field trip in action at Lost River Caveand your staff people were outstanding. We had a sick student, and Becky provided care for her until Mom could arrive.

Thanks to all your staff people for their patience in helping our students shop. The just have to check everything out before making the final decision about how to spend their money.

Our students have enjoyed matching their minerals to the ones pictured on the identification card, and as always it is their favorite field trip!!!

We have always had a pleasureable experience, and we have been making this trip for several years now. The word gets out among students, and both the students and the parents anticipate this trip.”


Wow! Thank you, Patricia, for all of your kind words!

We can’t wait to see you and your school group next fall!


Have you been to Lost River Cave & Valley? If so, leave a comment with your thoughts and we’ll post it on our website!


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