Lost River Cave Wins Prestigious Environmental Award

The City of Bowling Green was recently awarded the Enterprise Cities Award from the Kentucky League of Cities for the Wetlands Project at Lost River Cave.  Each entry in this competition was judged on various criteria including; Innovativeness of the program, Long-term value to the community, Adaptability to other cities, Use of public/private partnerships; and Cost-effectiveness, manageability and environmental stewardship.

The Wetlands at Lost River was created to assist the city in meeting EPA mandates for mitigation of stormwater pollution.  Its innovative design was the result of collaboration between the City, the Friends of the Lost River, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the U.S. Corp of Engineers, and several private contractors.* Stormwater from Nashville Road is diverted into storm drains and piped into a retention basin.  From there, the water snakes through a series of “S-shaped” berms which have been lined with native vegetation that removes impurities before the water is released into the cave system.

The Friends of the Lost River, Inc. will facilitate the long term management and maintenance of the area and will utilize the Wetlands as a location for any level of education from the elementary school level to upper-level university courses.

You can visit the award-winning Wetlands any day of the week without charge.  For more information regarding this project, follow this link.

wetland pic

Local students use the Wetlands for educational programming

* Private contractors include: Daniels Landscaping, DDS Engineering, ESCI Engineering, Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, S&R Excavation, Straeffer Pump & Supply, and Nicholas C. Crawford, Ph. D.


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