Blogging about boat tours!

With everyone using social media, it is becoming easier to spread your thoughts and viewpoints on ideas, events, and attractions. At Lost River Cave & Valley, we encourage you to use your social networking capabilities to share your experiences with other travelers. We are actively updating our Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress sites and would always appreciate your comments.

If you post about Lost River Cave on your blog, twitter, Facebook page, or Web site, I would love to know about it.

Shoot me an email at

Here are some snippets from visitors’ blog postings about Lost River Cave & Valley.

Contributors to recently blogged about their trip to Lost River Cave and the Butterfly habitat.

“Recently a friend thought I needed to visit a relaxing place and took me to the Butterfly habitat at the Lost River Cave. The woodland trail leads visitors to the enchanting habitat. When you enter the garden, you will be surrounded by Kentucky native butterflies. You can visit with the curator to learn all about these delicate creatures, or just sit and enjoy the scenery for a while. It is the perfect place for sitting quietly and relaxing. This beautiful enclosed area is complete with benches, a small stream, trees and flowers, and lots of butterflies. By sitting still you can easily observe the butterflies up close. They do not seem to know a person is there as they sip nectar from the flowers. You can even see the little knobs on the tops of their antennae and their little legs and feet.”

Betsy Sheppard wrote that Lost River Cave was her favorite attraction in Bowling Green. She posted this information on her Squidoo page.

“I think it’s one of the best kept secrets around that Bowling Green, Kentucky is a GREAT home base, AND a great place to visit.  Lost River Cave is definitely first on my list because it has so many different things to do. You can tour the cave outside, or take the boat to the inside of the cave.”

So, keep on posting and let me know when you do!


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