Professional Education at the Wetlands

The Kentucky Onsite Wastewater Association or KOWA, a division of the Kentucky Rural Water Association, recently utilized the Lost River Wetlands for the 15th annual Technical Conference and Exhibition on Dec. 3-4, 2009.

Annie Holt, Operations Supervisor of Lost River Cave, conducted a tour and Q&A session of the Wetlands facility. About 35 attendees also had an opportunity to take a cave boat tour.

The members of KOWA, according to the organization’s Web site, are mostly “manufacturers, installers, pumpers, and regulators of onsite sewage disposal systems and components.” A main goal of the organization is to establish consistency when installing sewage systems.

While at the Wetlands, the members participated in site and soil evaluation projects where they learned how to find the appropriate interface when installing septic systems to know how deeply to bury their lateral lines.

The members of the group were able to use a water purification area to conduct their program and foster new knowledge about proper handling of land and soil.

The two-day conference was facilitated by Andy Lange and Janet Cole.

For more information about the KOWA, visit their Web site at


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