Lost River Cave: A Year in Review

As 2009 draws to a close, join us in a tribute to the people, events, and activities that have made this a memorable year.

This year, volunteers have been very good to Lost River. Over 2,000 hours were volunteered by individuals, churches, and corporations.  These hard-working folks assisted with organizational events and environmental projects throughout the park.

Staff member Alex leads a group of Girl Scouts to the Invasive Plant Pull on Earth Day 2009

The Earth Day Invasive Plant Pull was one of our most successful volunteer events. Over 50 volunteers arrived to remove non-native plants which prevent the native Kentucky ferns and wildflowers from gaining a foothold in the Valley. The ongoing removal of invasive plants creates a more favorable habitat for our many wildlife residents.

“Volunteamers” from Wal-Mart lead the way at the 6th Annual Civil War Living History Event. This free event received supplementary funding from Wal-Mart and the Kentucky Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  A big thank you goes out to Becky Rigsby, community events coordinator for Wal-Mart of Bowling Green.  Rigsby organized the Wal-Mart volunteers and administered the grant.  And, we can’t forget to recognize the efforts of the volunteer re-enactors from all over the region who participated in the educational activities and interactive experiences. Their knowledge and professionalism foster the historical education outreach at Lost River.

Almost 300 school children attended the first ever Civil War School Day Event, facilitated by Lost River Cave’s Annie Holt and Becky Madison.

Geocaching, the interactive outdoor GPS sport has taken off at Lost River Cave. Local expert Danny Bays’ volunteer contributions have been instrumental in ensuring that the public is informed about how to geocache and why it is such a catchy hobby. Bays and Lost River partnered to host several events for both experienced geocachers and ‘newbies’ who want to learn more about this family-friendly sport.

The symbol for geocaching has become widely recognized at Lost River Cave!

Drop in at the Visitors Center and borrow the pre-programmed GPS system to begin hunting for the caches throughout the valley. This activity is a great way for your children to get outside during the winter season and explore the Valley nature trails.

Get Down in the Valley was once again a successful fundraiser! Over 300 guests danced the night away to music by the Ernie Small Blues Band and special guests from the Kentucky Blues Society. The cool cave always provides the perfect setting to jive to the smooth blues and jazz music as well as everyone’s favorite cover songs. The food, catered by Cambridge Market, was delicious and the free boat tours were a big hit.

Band members "Getting Down" in the Valley

Other major improvements such as the finalization of the Wetlands project, the installation of a bird blind in the valley, and upgraded nature trails have all benefited from community volunteerism.

These are just a few of the fun happenings and exciting projects for Lost River in 2009. Many more activities, events, and people have been featured on our blog. Look at the rest of the blog to review the great moments of 2009…

The 20th anniversary celebrations will begin next year!

Thanks for remembering 2009 with us at Lost River Cave & Valley!  We hope that you will spend some of next year with us as well.

Have a very happy New Year!


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  1. Posted by Robert Bosler on December 30, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I liked to know if it wheel chair accessible,we have our own wheel chair HAPPY NEW YEAR



  2. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for reading our blog.

    In answer to your question — I’m sorry to say that we are not wheel chair accessible.

    Happy New Year to you also!


  3. “.~ I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information :;;


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