7th Annual Invasive Plant Pull – Saturday, April 17th!

Come to the Invasive Plant Pull at Lost River Cave to receive FREE boat tours, FREE T-shirts and more!

Take a few moments out of your busy day to imagine a beautiful scene. Close your eyes and picture serene grassy areas filled with tall, stately trees, cheerful songbirds, busy squirrels, and beautiful wildflowers sharing their wondrous colors for everyone around…

This scene can become a reality with your help on Saturday, April 17th at Lost River Cave & Valley!

Join the Lost River Cave team as we remove invasive plants from the Valley in an effort to beautify this natural oasis in the heart of the city!

Invasive plants are pesky sprouts that grow in the valley and run rampantly, taking valuable land and healthy soil away from the beautiful wildflowers that grow naturally. Most invasive plants came into the valley via a non-natural source and overtake the native plants. Therefore, we must remove them.

This is one of the many events happening at the nature park to allow visitors to experience Lost River, Naturally!

Bring the entire family for a day of fresh air, new friends, and pulling those nasty non-natives out by their roots.   You can bring your own gloves and tools for plant removal, or borrow some of our equipment. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, just in case you come into contact with minor poison ivy.

Whether you can come for an hour or stay for the entire event, every pulled plant makes a difference.

The event will last from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Pre-registration is encouraged and necessary to receive the gifts!

To Pre-register, call 270-393-0077, come by the visitors center, or email Drew@lostrivercave.com!

Hope to see you there!

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