Geocaching 101 and Flash Mob

Join the Lost River Cave Team and local geocaching expert, Danny Bays for an exciting geocaching adventure.

Arrive quitely and don’t let anyone know that you are here for a flash mob, and keep a close eye on your watch! When the clock strikes 10:00 AM rush from wherever you are standing towards the Lost River Water Wheel. Our flashmob will happen simultaneously with hundreds of other flash mobs all over the world!

After the Flash Mob happens and the pictures are taken, join the gang as we learn about geocahing and explore the Lost River Valley!

Geocaching is an interactive treasure hunt that uses latitude/longitude coordinates and GPS technology to find caches all over the world! For more information about geocaching the Lost River Cave & Valley Web site!

Stretch out the Winter stiffness as you and your family hike through the valley, learning about geocaching, laughing with one another, and loving your precious moments of togetherness!

For more information about the event, please email, or call 270-393-0077!

The event begins at 10:00 AM at Lost River Cave & Valley!


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