Butterfly Habitat Gets a Facelift

Laura Kissinger and Rho Lansden, Executive Director hang one of the 65 butterflies

Lost River Cave and Valley’s Butterfly Habitat is one of the many unique features located at Lost River Cave. The structure is one of the only operational butterfly houses in the state. It is annually stocked with a variety of butterflies including Monarchs and Gulf Fritillarys.

The Habitat was last reconstructed in early 2007 and is continually undergoing renovations. Entrance to the Habitat is free to the public and is funded by donations and Boat Tour operations.

The most current update to the Habitat took place August 30th. Under the supervision of Rho Lansden, Executive Director, employees Laura Kissinger and Nick Lawhon adorned the Habitat with approximately 65 butterflies. The project took about 6 hours and “has really brought life to the structure” said Lansden.

The Butterfly Habitat will be open for Labor Day weekend in conjunction with our hourly Boat Tour operations.

Revamping of the Butterfly Habitat is complete

We hope to see you here!

Submitted by: Laura Kissinger, Public Relations and Graphic Design Intern at Lost River Cave. Laura is a graduate of Valdosta State University, with a B.F.A in Art.!


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  1. That is so pretty! I love the new look.


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