Bottle Filling Station

Don't Forget Your Water Bottle!

We just installed a new Bottle Filling Station to help minimize the disposable plastic bottle waste in our environment. Right now the fountain shows that Lost River Cave and Valley’s visitors have helped keep 609 disposable plastic bottles, so far, out of the world’s landfills.

Did you know that the average time for a plastic bottle to biodegrade fully is approximately 450-1000 years, whoa!  Though it does depend on the type of plastic (hard or soft) and the condition in which it is kept to determine exactly how fast the plastic will decompose, that’s still a really long time!

Amazing how quickly we can help preserve the our earth!

When you come to visit us at LRC, save a buck on buying a bottle of water and fill up your reusable bottle at our new Bottle Filling Station. While you’re filling up check the counter at the top and see how much more disposable bottle waste you helped eliminate just by refilling your bottle.  Just seconds after I started this post I ran back to snap a few pictures of the station and it already was up to 611!

There are lots of articles available online with more information on the impact of the disposable plastic bottle and more ways you can reduce your environmental impact on the earth.  Since recycling varies from city to city, it’s a good idea to contact your city’s Bureau of Sanitation or Recycling Program to get the details on the best ways to prepare your recyclables.

Check out our new water bottle filling station!

If you are a local in Bowling Green, Kentucky here is a quick tip on the types of plastics Southern Recycling can accept in our city.

  • #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles (These markings are usually on the bottom of these containers.)  This basically includes plastic milk jugs and plastic beverage containers.  Please remove the lid and ring from the top, rinse out jugs and flatten.  Please, no plastic toys, motor oil containers, pesticide containers or other harmful or hazardous containers. Source:

What earth-friendly things are you doing to reduce your environmental impact?

PS … just walked by the Bottle Filling Station and it read: 629!


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