Annual Butterfly Celebration

Mark your calendars for the Annual Butterfly Celebration at Lost River Cave and Valley Sunday, June 26th, 2011 from 1:00 – 4:00PM.  Join us at the Charles W. Miller Butterfly Habitat where the first 100 children will have an opportunity to release a butterfly inside the habitat. This event is free to anyone who wants to attend.  Meet in the valley for FREE butterfly gardening tips, great photo opportunities, face painting, lemonade, and information on environmentally friendly rain barrels.

BUTTERFLY HABITAT is located at the Butterfly Junction trailhead, about ¼ of a mile down The Blue Hole Trails and is free to visit. This structure is the only butterfly habitat open on an annual basis in the entire state. The winged insects make their appearance in the habitat around Memorial Day weekend and can be viewed throughout the summer months until the end of September, weather permitting. We house up to eight different species of butterflies at Lost River. Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Gulf Fritillaries, Black Swallowtails, Giant Swallowtails, Red Admirals and Morning Cloaks are all native Kentucky species that are maintained in the enclosure.


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