The GREAT outdoors

Let’s give back to our children and ourselves what we don’t even realize we’ve lost and reconnect with the GREAT outdoors!

Are you ready for a great adventure? A great place to start is by celebrating an all American tradition with family and friends at the Great American Campout at Lost River Cave and Valley on August 27.  Trade screen time for green time, get in touch with your wild side by spending a night under the stars.  Studies have shown that encouraging outdoor time and exploration for children generates an appreciation and respect for the wonders of nature, an attitude that they will carry throughout adulthood.  Families that share the gift of nature through camping will form priceless memories and togetherness.  A night under the stars will allow children to understand and experience why it’s called the GREAT outdoors.

Experience fun environmentally-friendly, simple and effective camping techniques from proper campfire management, open-fire cooking and crafts that utilize natural elements and recreate man’s historic use of nature.  Feel like a kid again as you enjoy sharing camp fire stories, playing flashlight games and gathering together with other area campers at the ice cream social. Join your community and create lasting memories connecting with family and friends in the GREAT outdoors at this year’s Great American Campout at Lost River Cave.

Admission is $15 per family.  Pre-register your camp site by August 25th!  Download your pre-registration application at:


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