Employee Spotlight: Andrea Falcetto

Summer is the busiest season at Lost River Cave, and we can’t say thank you enough to the staff for their hard work. Lost River Cave recognizes wonderful individuals who keep us afloat, from tour guides to cashiers to maintenance.

Andrea Falcetto first started working at Lost River Cave in May 2010.  Andrea is currently getting her Master’s Degree in Biology and Sociology at Western Kentucky University, and she’s had the opportunity to travel to Kenya and South Africa to work in her field. She is a return Peace Corps Volunteer from Morocco, and she’s also travelled to other various countries all over the world. Andrea is originally from Kansas, and after she graduates she hopes to work for an international conservation organization.  Lost River Cave appreciates Andrea’s hard work as a tour guide, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.  

Q &A with Andrea Falcetto

What originally brought you to Lost River Cave?  During the school year I was teaching for the biology department, and I needed income for the summer. It was a good job for me because of my previous experience working in zoos and aquariums. Restaurants won’t hire a girl who works around fish.

How is Lost River Cave different from any other employer you’ve ever had? I grew up in Kansas. We don’t have caves in Kansas.  

Have your thoughts on caves or nature changed at all since you’ve been here? I would say I’ve learned more about caves, but I’ve always enjoyed working outside.
Have you had any memorable visitors during your time working here?  I made a joke about a cave monster being in the cave and the three year old on my tour started making ghost noises to scare away the cave monster. It happened the other day, and it was adorable.

What do you think the WORST corny cave joke is? “What do you call a deer with no eyes?  I’ve no ideer.” I worked here for three years, and I didn’t get the joke until three weeks ago.

Have you had much opportunity to travel, if so where to? Or, where would you like to go? I’ve travelled to six continents and would love to go to Antarctica, but the next place I want to visit is Greece. However, I am an opportunist, and I will go wherever the opportunity presents!

For visitors reading this, do you have any recommendation for where to tour/eat/explore in the Bowling Green area or all of Kentucky? In Bowling Green, Chaney’s Dairy Barn and the Corsair Distillery downtown. Also in Kentucky, the bourbon trail is amazing.

Any last words of wisdom for your visitors reading this? There really is a cave monster, don’t let them tell you otherwise!

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