Employee Spotlight: Jessica Williams

Summer is the busiest season at Lost River Cave, and we can’t say thank you enough to the staff for their hard work. Lost River Cave recognizes wonderful individuals who keep us afloat, from tour guides to cashiers to maintenance.

This week Lost River Cave spotlights cashier, Jessica Williams. Jessica is originally from Campbellsville Kentucky. She came to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University, and she will be student teaching next semester and graduating in May.

 Q & A with Jessica

What originally brought you to Lost River Cave? I actually had friends that worked here and they loved it; they knew I was into science and education and would love it here as well. I came as a guest to view the property and enjoy what there was to offer. As soon as I heard there was a job, I jumped on the opportunity. 

How is LRC different from any other employer you’ve ever had? Well I’ve never had to work with a school field trip before. I’ve been on school field trips, but I’ve never been on the receiving end. There’s a lot of volunteerism and community involvement at Lost River Cave, and I’ve never worked for a place that has the kind of community outreach with the kind of things we have going on.  

Have your thoughts on caves or nature changed at all since you’ve been here?  Well, I’ve always been an advocate for conservation and especially community education and making people aware and becoming more aware myself. Working here has provided me a personal opportunity to learn about caves, the environment where I live and different opportunities I have to improve it.

Have you had any memorable visitors during your time working here? There was a family from Louisiana with 11 kids.  It was like our own version of the show “Nineteen Kids and Counting,“ right here at Lost River Cave.  They were very well behaved, but it was very interesting to see that large of a family. All of the younger kids became junior tour guides, it was interesting.

What do you think the WORST corny cave joke is? What do you call a fish with no eyes?  A FSHHHH! 

Have you had much opportunity to travel, if so where to? Or, where would you like to go? I’ve never had the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and I look forward to whatever opportunity presents it. One of the career options I might consider in the future is on to teach abroad. I’m game for anything.

For visitors reading this do you have any recommendation for where to tour/eat/explore in the Bowling Green area or all of Kentucky? In Bowling Green, eat at Home! It’s so conveniently located,and it really does support our local community. It’s a local restaurant using local food and local artisan-made products in the community. Eat the ham and cheese and the French onion soup! In terms of exploring Kentucky, I love the zoo. If you are going north in the state, check out the Louisville zoo, or if you’re heading south, the Nashville Zoo is fantastic.

Any last words of wisdom for your visitors reading this? The cave maintains a standard temperature between 55 and 57 degrees.


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