Employee Spotlight: Blake Garrison

Summer is the busiest season at Lost River Cave, and we can’t say thank you enough to the staff for their hard work. Lost River Cave recognizes wonderful individuals who keep us afloat, from tour guides to cashiers to maintenance.

Blake Garrison is originally from right here in Bowling Green.  He is a film major at Western Kentucky University, and he will be graduating next spring.  He started working as a tour guide at Lost River Cave this summer.

Q &A with Blake

What originally brought you to Lost River Cave? Well I heard about the job opportunity as a tour guide, and it just sounded like an exciting interesting thing to do over the summer. I could meet a lot of interesting people in the tour industry and teach them something.

 How is Lost River Cave different from any other employer you’ve ever had? Where to begin? Well it’s enjoyable first of all. When I’m here it doesn’t really feel like a job most of the time. It’s a fun job with fun people.

Have your thoughts on caves or nature changed at all since you’ve been here? I’ve definitely learned a lot more about caves and cave systems. As far as my thoughts on nature in general, it’s always been my opinion that people should learn about it and enjoy it.

Have you had any memorable visitors during your time working here?
There was a mother and son from Lithuania, and they were memorable because I was able to relate to them because I visited Lithuania last summer. It was a “small world” situation.

What do you think the WORST corny cave joke is? I heard a joke during my interview, I’ve never told it, but it’s the pillars joke. “Stalactites hold tight to the ceiling, stalagmites might grow up and touch the ceiling. A stalactite and stalagmites grow together they form a column or a pillar, but you know we are in Kentucky, so we call them columns because we all sleep on our pillars.”  

Have you had much opportunity to travel, if so where to? Or, where would you like to go? I have had an opportunity to travel. Last summer I took a driving trip from Beijing, China across Asia and Europe all the way to Paris, France. It was a lot more intense than I thought it would be going into it, but it was a great experience. I think everyone should try to travel more. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. 

For visitors reading this, do you have any recommendation for where to tour/eat/explore in the Bowling Green area or all of Kentucky? I’ll start with Bowling Green: my food recommendations in Bowling Green would either be Mellow Mushroom or Buckhead Café. One of my favorite places to go which is close to Bowling Green is Land Between The Lakes. If you’re down for a trip, you can just get all your gear and just camp out right on the side of the lake. It’s amazing.  

Any last words of wisdom for your visitors reading this? Enjoy yourself.

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