Employee Spotlight: Blythe Wallace

Summer is the busiest season at Lost River Cave, and we can’t say thank you enough to the staff for their hard work. Lost River Cave recognizes wonderful individuals who keep us afloat, from tour guides to cashiers to maintenance.

Blythe Walllace started working as a cashier for Lost River Cave this summer. She is currently at Western Kentucky University studying Interdisciplinary Studies. She is originally from Henderson Kentucky. After she graduates next May, she hopes to find a job and some adventures.

Q &A with Blythe Wallace

What originally brought you to Lost River Cave?  I’ve known about it for a long time, my brother-in-law was a tour guide here, and he actually got married to my sister here in the cave. I’ve known about it since then, and I thought I’d love working here.

How is Lost River Cave different from any other employer you’ve ever had?
We’re all a big family.

Have your thoughts on caves or nature changed at all since you’ve been here? I’m more knowledgeable about nature and caves.
Have you had any memorable visitors during your time working here?  There was this little child, his name was Elijah, and he was the sweetest thing ever. He was telling me all about how he loves caves. He introduced himself to me and asked me my name. He was like a young adult but about four years old.

What do you think the WORST corny cave joke is? What do you call a fish with no eyes?  A fsh!

Have you had much opportunity to travel, if so where to? Or, where would you like to go? I’ve travelled a lot of the United States and I’ve been to Mexico a few times. I really want to go abroad. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand.

For visitors reading this, do you have any recommendation for where to tour/eat/explore in the Bowling Green area or all of Kentucky? Gosh I have so many ideas. Definitely go to Verdi in downtown Bowling Green, there’s a lot of great European food. I used to work there, it’s awesome.  And you have to watch horse racing!

Any last words of wisdom for your visitors reading this? Follow your nose.

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