Congrats to Lost River Cave Artist Emily Lobb Hendricksen

Emily Lobb Hendricksen has worked at Lost River Cave for over a year now, and she uses her artistic eye to beautify Wildflower Gifts on a daily basis.

Emily Lobb Hendricksen

Emily’s artistic inclination is evident in both her profesional and personal life. As both a painter and a photographer, Emily is always doing something creative in her spare time, and her newest collection of photos just appeared in SOKY’s September edition. Here is Emily showing off her talent at Lost River Cave. The cover of SOKY features Emily’s photo of Helm Library on Western’s campus.

Esher In Mind – Emily Lobb Hendricksen

Starting in 2010, Emily began a project where she took one photo a day for 365 days with her iPhone.  These photos ranged in variety and subject matter, and often she included photos from her job at Lost River Cave.

This is a photo from the collection. Emily took it last December while preparing the Wildflower Gifts for the holiday shopping season.

“I’ve looked over all of  my photos from that year and I can tell that I really grew as an artist,” Emily wrote in  her SOKY article.

A November Pumpkin In February – Emily Lobb Hendricksen

Along with taking amazing photos and aesthetically organizing Wildflower Gifts’ interior,  Emily has also loves to paint. She’s taken plenty of painting classes, and in October at Lost River Cave, she’ll showcase her skills. From taking photos of pumpkins like this one, to painting on them, Emily has a unique skill that particularly comes in handy in Autumn.
Those interested in painting with our fabulous local artist are invited to come out Saturday, October 20th, from 2-4 to learn how to paint from the best. Participants can purchase their locally grown  pumpkin for painting at Lost River Cave during the entire month of October.   
Lost River Cave is grateful to have such a talented artist on our team, and we can’t wait to see what Emily produces next. Stay tuned!


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