The Tale of the Great ‘Coon Caper

ImageLost River Cave is known as a place where legends and history are born. Just last week another story will go down in our books forever.

Like many mornings at Lost River Cave the sun was shining down golden rays on our naturalist, Annie Holt, as she walked to our maintenance barn. From the corner of her eyes she spied a creature staggering out of sight. Upon further inspection she discovered a raccoon, wounded and missing his tail.

With a heart of gold, Annie did what any nature lover would do… her best to help this little guy by calling Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary to the rescue.

Like a Knight in Shining Armor, Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary sent a Rehabilitation Professional. He said unfortunately this guy was most likely a pet that had been released into the wild, probably on the park. People don’t realize when these critters are young that they are wild animals and should never be kept as pets. He said his tail was probably lost in a car accident because he didn’t understand how to survive in the wild.

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary will reintroduce him into nature so that he can live productively.  They will place him in very large natural fenced-in area called the ‘Coon Castle (from caper to king as we like to say).  When he becomes acclimated to outdoors he will be released into nature where his real home is.

This little guy will go down in Lost River Cave history as the Great ‘Coon Caper because he stole our hearts!

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  1. Love this Kara! You should write Children’s books 🙂


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