Geocaching 101 Series

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using hand-held Global Positioning System receivers and a set of Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Geocaching 101 will teach you how to successfully participate in the game.

Participants will venture into the field to practice what they learn!

Schedule of Events

February 10, 2-4pm- Introduction to Geocaching

Lecture: What is Geocaching? Learn the history of GPS, Navigation and Caching.  Learn the types of Caches, including traditional, travel bugs, geocoins, signature items and Earthcaches. Find out what you need to Geocache.

Hands-on: Participants will venture out on the Park to learn how to Geocache and the proper etiquette.

April 14, 2-4pm- Basic Use of a GPS

Lecture: Participants will learn how to store coordinates, set-up waypoints, track mileage, and download/upload information for many basic units.

Hands-on: participants will store event cache coordinates on their own and then find it.

June 09, 2-4pm- How to use It

Lecture: With a connection to the internet, participants learn how to set up a username on the widely used website, how to search for caches and log their adventures.

Hands-on: Participants will find a Valley Cache and log their find on, and setting up a username if necessary.

August 11, 2-4pm- Hiding a Cache

Lecture: Participants will learn the etiquette to hiding a traditional cache, the types of caches available, how to evaluate the cache (difficulty level…) and how to publish it on

Hands-on: Participants will break into groups, hide ready-made caches, provide information to another team and find each other’s caches.

October 13, 2-4pm- Advanced Geocaching 

Lecture and Hands-on: Participants will learn about and try their hand in the field to decipher and find difficult caches such as puzzle caches and micro-caches.

December 8, 2-4pm- Introduction to Hand-Held GPS Units: What to Buy

Lecture: Guest speaker from Gander Mountain will discuss the different types of units and their different features.

Hands-on: Participants will search for event caches containing Holiday surprises.

No registration required, call Lost River Cave for details, 270.393.0077.


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