Lost River Valley and Cave…and Waterslide of Death

Jill’s Journal: It is hot. Really hot. The massive heat wave on the East Coast must have spread this way, because triple-digit temperatures in Kentucky just don’t happen very often. It was 104 degrees today, confirmed on both our car’s thermometer and the local bank temperature sign we drove by. I grew up in the California desert and then spent four years in Phoenix, so 104 normally wouldn’t phase me (that would be a cool summer day in Phoenix!)…but when that 104 degrees has what feels like 5,000% humidity attached, it’s a whole ‘nother level of brutality. Even the pool offers no relief – the water is so hot it feels like you’ve just jumped into a giant boiling pot of water while simultaneously being baked under the sun.

Being the savvy traveler that I am or maybe just lucky, I scheduled a cave visit for today (since we are in cave country and caves are generally pretty cool in temperature year-round). We made the trek to the Lost River Cave….. read more on RV for 5’s Blog


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