Kid’s Discovery

They gathered around the hole in the rocks, leaving daylight behind them. One by one they carefully lowered themselves a step at a time down the limestone rocks and into the darkness. As they entered into the first room, tall enough to sit up in, but not stand, they could already feel the cooler temperatures that exist when one leaves the sun’s warmth on the surface. After receiving some information on safety and teamwork, they each took their turn lying flat on their bellies in the mud to half crawl, half slide into another underground chamber below.


No this is not a scary story for halloween, this is how the Kid’s Discovery Cave Crawl at Lost River Cave begins. If you have ever wondered what a exploring a cave is really like, this is a great introduction to caving. On this two hour tour, children are supplied with the helmets and kneepads necessary to safely traverse the underground environment. They are taught the importance of following safety rules, communication with the group, and teamwork in an exciting underground adventure. The whole experience takes about 2 hours, and is an experience that a child will never forget.

I have had a lot of experience underground, I’ve assisted in the mapping of caves and have gone through some passageways that my wife prefers I don’t tell her about. Compared to that the Kid’s Discovery Cave Crawl is a walk in the park for me, so seeing it through the eyes of the children on the tour is a great pleasure and reminds me every time to appreciate every little discovery along the way.

On my last trip, there was a mysterious item that none of the kids could identify found in an upper room. They determined quickly that it was man-made, but they could not figure out what it was or how it was used. I never thought that I would be explaining what a pull tab is to a group of six-year-olds, but it made a great concrete lesson about why we work so hard to preserve and protect the cave environment today.

The list of lessons that kids don’t realize they are learning along the way include geology, history, environmental conservation, safety, teamwork, and a love of nature and how our world is interconnected with things we never even see.

So, send your kids on the Kid’s Discovery Cave Crawl for a great adventure.

As an added bonus, parents now have two options, send the kids in with our highly trained staff while you have a nice quiet lunch, or join in and get muddy with the kids.

Just be sure and bring clean clothes for everyone!


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