Don’t Give In to the Madness!

Some people prefer to shop at a big box store over a locally owned establishment. Some people don’t mind their hard earned money going to multi-million-dollar corporations instead of hometown entrepreneurs. Some people even enjoy fighting their way through a throng of crazed shoppers on Black Friday to fight for the best deals available that night.


Ready for Christmas Already

If, however, you are not one of these people, we would like to invite you to do your shopping with us this holiday season.

Wildflower Gifts is the gift store supporting the Nature Center at Lost River Cave. Not only is this a local operation, it is a non-profit with a twofold purpose. The original mission for which Lost River Cave was opened to the public was to provide funding to preserve and protect a unique and amazing natural karst feature, as well as to help protect the groundwater in Warren County, Kentucky. As time went on, and the amazing support we have received from our community enabled us to continue on that ongoing mission, the purpose here grew.

Locally made pottery

Locally made pottery

Since the community has given so much to us, we are working on giving back to the community with our Nature Center. We have a certified Nature Explore Classroom that is open to the public, we are restoring prairie grasses in the fields surrounding the Greenways walking and biking trail, there are nature trails in the karst valley that are open to the public and are a great resource for everyone from families who need a day out to the athletically inclined who would like to take on a little trail running.


Locally crafted jewelry

These nature center activities are supported by the sales from Wildflower Gifts. So this Holiday season, come do your shopping with us, skip the insane crowds, support the local economy as well as local artists who provide some of our items, and help us give back to this amazing community.

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