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Annie Holt – Nonformal EE Certification Program

Congratulations to our Park Naturalist, Annie Holt, who recently became one of the 2012 graduates of the Nonformal EE Certification program.

The Kentucky Environmental Education Council (KEEC) is a state agency within the Education Cabinet. One opportunity it offers is an annual Nonformal EE Certification program. The course work includes debates and research papers over prominent environmental topics, in addition to tests over theory and practice of environmental education techniques.

In reflection, Holt said, “It was very challenging, stressful at times, but fun. In the end I was very proud of what I was able to bring into our programming at Lost River Cave.”

We are so proud of what Holt has accomplished to forward our mission as well as provide schools and families with fun and educational programs.


Annie Holt

2012 Graduating Class

Kentucky Colonel Rho Lansden

Our very own Executive Director Rho Lasden was honored recently in Bowling Green with the Kentucky Colonel award. This award is highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Commissions for Kentucky colonels are given by the Governor and the Secretary of State to honor those with remarkable accomplishments and incredible community service in Kentucky or nationally. Steve Beshear gave the honor by issuance of letters patent. Rho has taken the honor with exceptional grace and humility, however she has requested to be saluted upon enter any room.

We are so proud of Rho and what she has given to our back to our state.

A Moment in History

Senior Class of Woodburn 1934

Woodburn School - 1916

After 77 years Elizabeth Law, now Elizabeth Creek, returned to Lost River Cave.

In the days before school trips, her senior class of 1934 came to Lost River. Elizabeth had attended the Woodburn school since third grade. The class of 14 students  were allowed to scramble down the bluffs for a look at the river and massive cave entrance. She recalled that there were no buildings, just the cave.

After her tour, Elizabeth remarked that she was glad to have the opportunity to come back today. She loved the cave and her tour guide Jordan. She left saying “Everything is so beautiful!”