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Group from United Nations, China visits WKU as part of joint research project

A team representing the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Chinese government visited WKU this week for fieldwork and to discuss cooperative research under way to study atmospheric carbon dynamics.

Chris Groves explains details of groundwater monitoring equipment to Chinese scientists within WKU-owned Crumps Cave.

The group, which included scientists from UNESCO’s International Geoscience Program and the Chinese Geological Survey, visited sites at the WKU-owned Crumps Cave Educational Preserve and Lost River Cave. Research is under way there, with sister sites in China, to measure rates at which atmospheric CO2 is consumed by the dissolving of limestone in the world’s karst regions, which are areas like in south central Kentucky where caves, sinkholes and underground rivers are common. Rapidly changing atmospheric concentrations have been linked to increased rates of climate change, and so much work is underway to understand ways in which CO2 is being added to, or subtracted from, the atmosphere… Read more on the WKU News Blog!

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WKU Study Abroad Staff & KIIS Geocaching in the Valley

Today we welcomed WKU’s Study Abroad Staff and The Kentucky Institute for International Studies to our brand new River Birch Meeting Room.

They met for an office retreat/ meet and greet. The WKU Study Abroad Staff and KIIS are collaborating on several projects this year and thought a day at the cave would be a great way to connect and grow. Everyone learned about Geocaching and spent the day in the valley area searching for the cache.

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