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Beyond your toes!

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Alex Morris

I was hired as a boat tour guide at Lost River Cave at the age of 19 in the spring of 2007.  My cousin recommended the cave as a casual job, great for people who like working outside. I’d been to Carlsbad Caverns as a child, as well as Mammoth Cave. From what I could remember, those caves were cool, so yeah, a boat tour guide sounded like a way better profession than flipping flippin’ burgers… continue reading on Alex Morris’s blog.

Group from United Nations, China visits WKU as part of joint research project

A team representing the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Chinese government visited WKU this week for fieldwork and to discuss cooperative research under way to study atmospheric carbon dynamics.

Chris Groves explains details of groundwater monitoring equipment to Chinese scientists within WKU-owned Crumps Cave.

The group, which included scientists from UNESCO’s International Geoscience Program and the Chinese Geological Survey, visited sites at the WKU-owned Crumps Cave Educational Preserve and Lost River Cave. Research is under way there, with sister sites in China, to measure rates at which atmospheric CO2 is consumed by the dissolving of limestone in the world’s karst regions, which are areas like in south central Kentucky where caves, sinkholes and underground rivers are common. Rapidly changing atmospheric concentrations have been linked to increased rates of climate change, and so much work is underway to understand ways in which CO2 is being added to, or subtracted from, the atmosphere… Read more on the WKU News Blog!

Welcome new team members!

ImageThis week has been intense for our new summer tour guides and guest service employees. They are discovering the rich cultural history of the cave and valley area as well as the biology, geology and ecology that makes a visit to Lost River Cave an unique experience.

New team member Crys Smith noted, “There is so much to know about Lost River Cave… It’s not overwhelming, it is eye opening!”

New team member Sabir Khayaliyer was most excited about our vibrant ecology, but he didn’t fail to mention how good the Linzie’s sandwich was that we had for our welcome lunch.

“This is a fantastic team! We are blessed this year with confident, personable individuals who are sure to make this one of the best years Lost River Cave has ever had,” added Wildflower Gift’s Manager Sylvia Risher.

Our Executive Director Rho Lansden couldn’t have agreed more. She believes this team really has a grasp of our mission to restore, preserve and protect Lost River Cave. Lansden observed the team’s excitement about becoming part of the Lost River Cave culture.

Holiday Survival Guide

This time of year is often known as the great race to see what gives out first – your feet or your money. Bring the whole family to Lost River Cave for a well deserved and peaceful Holiday outing that won’t strain your pocketbook.

  • Take family photos on Santa’s sleigh – Free
  • Take a scenic nature walk on the bluehole or greenways trail – Free
  • Become a Junior Tour Guide – Free
  • Geo-caching – Free
  • Bird watching at the Bird Blind – Free
  • Get last minute shopping done without the holiday hassle at our gift shop Wildflower Gifts
  • Cave Boat Tour (call ahead to check water levels)

We are open seven days a week 9-6pm. Closed – December 24, 25, and January 1

8th Annual Earth Day Invasive Plant Pull

It’s time to root out and destroy pesky plant invaders with at the 8th Annual Invasive Plant Pull!  In celebration of Earth Day, Lost River Cave and Valley invites you to spend an afternoon to help re-invigorate the valley floor, on Saturday, April, 23th from 1:00PM – 4:00PM. Bring your entire family and join other community members as they band together in an attempt to eradicate invasive plants from the Lost River Valley.

Pre-register so we can plan a plant plot for you to help pull pesky plants from the valley. Early-bird registrants will receive free Invasive Plant Pull t-shirts, Free Boat Tours, Door Prizes, and Gift Shop Discounts.  Volunteers can pre-register by visiting us online at to download the application. Applications can also be picked up at Lost River Cave and Valley located at 2818 Nashville Road in Bowling Green, KY or calling us at 270-393-0077.

The Invasive Plant Pull is an annual event at Lost River Cave & Valley offering individuals a chance to gain volunteer experience while teaching you to detect invasive plant species wherever you see them. With your help Lost River will one day be rid of the pesky sprouts that run rampantly over the 25-acre valley floor. Clearing plants like winter creeper and privet is easy work that provides much needed elbow room for our long suffering native plants. Your handiwork will be rewarded when you see that sunshine, rain and nutrients are helping to re-invigorate the forest floor with a carpet of ferns and native flowers that provide food and shelter for the valley’s native and migrating animals.


FRIENDS OF LOST RIVER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The organization is committed to environmental education, community building, and natural resource preservation. Lost River Cave has been visited by travelers from all over the world who come to experience Kentucky’s Only Underground Boat Tour.

Reclaiming Wildlife at Lost River Cave: One Songbird at a Time!

Partridges running to the valley.

Last week brought great excitement to the 70-acre Lost River nature park.   Marylyn Simmons, of Smiths Grove, Ky., and her grandson Jarrod Knight, arrived at Lost River Cave with one goal in mind: to repopulate the area’s depleted bird population.

“You just don’t hear the chirping that you used to,” said Simmons, in an interview with the Bowling Green Daily News. “People have over-hunted and the birds are losing their habitat.”

After making arrangements with Annie Holt, operations supervisor of Lost River Cave, Simmons and Knight arrived early Wednesday morning with  three coveys (small flocks of birds) in tow and a hope of hearing birds singing throughout the entire valley.

Simmons has had experience raising birds before, but her populations were continuously preyed upon by other animals near her home.  She decided that the area around her home was not safe enough for the birds and says that she took great care in selecting a site that will provide a sanctuary from flying predators.

Simmons, and Lost River Cave staff chose three places in the valley to release the three-month-old partridges. These non-migratory birds will join with other birds, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, and fox that live in the valley’s protective habitat that is filled with places for animals to hide.

An additional three pheasants were left in the operations office to be raised for a few months until they are ready to be released into the valley with the other birds.

“These new members of the Lost River Cave family are an added bonus to the park,” says executive director Rho Lansden. “I can only imagine the happy chirping we will be hearing within the coming months.  The valley will literally come to life with the sweet songs that fill the air!”

Check out these photos of the songbird release at Lost River Cave and Valley!

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“Get Down with Dueling Pianos” was a MAJOR success!

After 20 years of hard work preserving and protecting the historic Lost River Cave & Valley, the awesome celebration, “Get Down with Dueling Pianos,” was well earned. Enjoy these pictures from last Friday night’s event! If you missed out this year, or just can’t wait to see the “Dueling Pianos” again, don’t fret! Dueling Pianos International will be back in full force next year!

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All photos by Laura Kissinger

“Cache in Trash Out” Geocaching, Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, KY

As we continue to celebrate 20 years of the “Friends of the Lost River” it is important to remember to give back to the park. Join our staff, community members, and other outdoor enthusiasts as we participate in the first annual Cache In Trash Out event at Lost River Cave & Valley.

On Saturday, July 24th people from across the region will be gathering to beautify the 70-acre park by removing litter, enjoy a delicious cookout with great friends, and conclude with one of Lost River’s acclaimed Geocaching 101 events, once again led by local expert, Danny Bays!

Arrive at Lost River around 3:00 p.m. to register. All of your necessary equipment will be provided by the park. Cleanup processes will begin promptly at 3:30 p.m.
Once a substantial amount of trash has been collected and everyone is tired and hungry it will be time to begin the cookout, featuring favorite picnic dishes!
After dinner, at approximately 6:00 p.m., join up with Danny and get ready to learn about geocaching. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, this event will be exciting, educational and entertaining. Geocaching is the interactive sport that is gaining popularity every day.

Bring your GPS unit or borrow one of ours for this unique 101-style course.

With any questions about CITO, please email

We hope to see you at this wonderful event!

Lost River Cave: A Stop on the Kentucky H.O.G. Rally

On Thursday, June 10 the Kentucky State H.O.G. Rally began with an opening ceremony and kick-start party “HOGS Underground” in the ballroom of the cave.

Lost River was one of the first stops for the HOG tour of Bowling Green that included a variety of interactive and entertaining activities and events geared toward motorcycle enthusiasts.

“It’s wonderful to be able to interact with the different people that come through Bowling Green for special events like this one,” said Rho Lansden, executive director of Lost River Cave. “We are so proud of the excitement that our community elicits for different community groups.”

After their stop at Lost River, the rally continued on for three days full of sight-seeing and riding along some of the most beautiful byways in the nation!

Here are some pictures from the event at Lost River.

Lost River Is On Myspace

Once again we are delving into the world of social media here at Lost River Cave & Valley.

Today’s new addition is our very first Myspace page! Do you have one?

If you have Myspace, you should be our friend. Check out our profile at, or click here.

Other ways to be our friend include Facebook and Twitter as well as following the WordPress blog which you are on!

What do you think about social media?